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  1. I don't know where to put suggestions. I can't find any contact info, so if someone can help direct me, let me know. First I wanted to say, I absolutely love the clean look for the new beta version of Evernote. I stopped using this service years ago because the "clutter" was just driving me insane. Everytime I logged in I had a distracting mess of notes and pictures. And whenever I put some "NSFW" images on here and whenever I would log in, it was the first thing that I saw. With the streamlined beta version that doesn't happen anymore. I really want to jump on board and get the monthly subscription and everything. I want Evernote to be pretty much like my backup brain and just put everything in here. I am a more visual person, and I would love it if we could have more options to "view" our notes in particular notebooks. Different views for different types of notes, just like in any operating system. You can have a list view for documents or an icon view for pictures. I am a much more visual person and I like to include images in my notes, especially for ideas I get. The now defunct Springpad did this perfectly. I was considering migrating to them, but honestly they can't compare to Evernote. This type of style is becoming popular, and can be seen in sites like Pinterest or Tumblr. Although, I like to keep most of my ideas private and sites like Pinterest have more of a social media focus to it. I would love if we can have an "icon view" option like in Springpad. It can have a square with a summary of the note. If the note has an image, it can include and image with a shorter summary. Or it can include the image, with the text overlayed in white on top of it [like FB does]. Here is an example of Springpad
  2. And this is why I prefer Springpad over Evernote. Completely oblivious when it comes to having a visual UI. Just now I was testing out both of the platforms. I was trying to clip a page with a video in it. With Springpad, I can select the image which represents the thumbnail of the video. But with Evernote, it randomly chooses a thumbnail of a related video.
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