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  1. The limitation of evernote as following: 1.250 syncronized notebooks 2.10,000 tags 3.100 saved searches It means that you should use tags for classigication of enormous complex database. But add multiple tags in one note is really a time-consuming task when using Assign Tags Dialog (CTRL-ALT-T ) scrolling-choose way. How about use Wiznote tags way ?
  2. IMO, you're overtagging. IMO, some folks "overtag". Often, tags are not needed if you use descriptive titles, some tags, some notebooks/stacks & keywords. I have over 62,000 notes & have never reached the 250 notebook limit. I'd guess less than half my notes have any tags at all. Probably only about 1/3 of my notes have tags. Those that do have tags normally have only 1-3 tags. IE, all my bills are in Evernote. Although they are in a "bills" notebook, I can quickly & easily find my Cox cable bill from June 2009 by searching ALL notes because the title of that note includes the vendor (Cox) and the date of the bill in YYYYMMDD format. So a simple search of intitle:cox intitle:200906* will quickly find the ONE note which is the bill I'm looking for from over 62,000+ notes. And I didn't even use a tag. You can also net the tags for organizational purposes only. This allows you to collapse the top tier so the nested tags do not show up. Or even the "hide unassigned" tags may be helpful. It's a quit smart way to use evernote! Thanks for your teaching. I am a orthopaedic doctor and there are many complex information in my data base! I will try in your way and avoid overtaging. Thanks!
  3. I am a premium account user. I love this service very much except the limitation of notes(250 note books). I have 2325 notes now. In order to reduce use the total number of notebooks,I try to use tags. Now I have 129 notebooks and 198 tags. Try to tag one note is a hard work in your software (198 tags and increasing @@) I am also a pro user of Wiznote,tagging is easier in their software. It need no scrolling and try to find out correct tags of a note. Can developer improve it? Change the limitations or change the interface,please! Can you imagine try to scrolling 10000 tags for correct tagging? It is surely a nightmare!
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