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  1. That's their prerogative, of course. But they need to know that it's unacceptable, especially if you're going to call your product and company "EverNOTE". If they expect that users will be satisfied with opening a separate editor to write a note, save it, and then import it, then I suspect they'll find people just editing directly in a DropBox folder or with Google Docs, and bypassing Evernote altogether. I've "settled" for what they've offered for years now, but it's gotten old. Like, dial-up old. It's clear (like many companies, sadly) they're focusing on features over functionality. The more features they check off, the better it appears to prospective customers, and then they can rely on inertia and apathy to then maintain the current user base.
  2. Editing notes on the web is painful. If I paste text the screen jumps back to the top. If I paste a list it gets indented with a blank top line. If I try to delete the blank line it deletes what's before it. As I recall, it's not much better on the device (Android) either. Between that, continuous "note conflicts", and silly things like check boxes not lining up with the rest of the line or your indent/outdent icons being reversed from standard, I'm having a hard time staying with Evernote. Are you writing your own text editors? Don't! Other have already solved that problem; use theirs!
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