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  1. Hi, I have Google's gmail intercept my cell phone voice messages and turn them into text messages sent to me as a gmail. Since then, I've never had to bother "Listening" to my missed phone calls. It's not perfect (because my friends hardly ever speak clearly), but it's *good-enuf* to know whether I need to call back right away, at some point, or ignore it completely. Unfortunately, I use Skype to make outgoing calls to my friends and parents cell phones and landlines, AND I use "callnote-premium" to record every call (Including the video when it's available - but that's unrelated). Callnote automatically inserts the audio (+ occasional video) of the call into a special notebook as an mp4 attachment. I'd give anything (well, up to a one time $50 fee, or a $5 dollar/month fee) for a "service" or app to convert the audio in the .mp4 to an additional text attachment. Any ideas here? Also, it be nice if someone developed an interface to the "Stremor" TLDR API to summarize long text documents into shorter abstracts. It's an incredibely effective NLP and could take Evernote from a really good text organizing program to a stellar one. Just look up the "TLDR" Firefox Add-on and follow the links to the homepage of the underlying api
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