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  1. I'm looking for a solution for this as well... I agree with what Gaz said in regards to adding more tags to a note, that's the right way to go. My circumstance is different however. Say I have a class and in that class is 5 different sessions. I want to make each session it's own note so that I can plan each session accordingly in a GTD sense. For example, for !!Today I want to be able to add/plan 1 class at a time. Where duplication comes into play is that each of these notes essentially has the same tags #skillshare #iOS #!Next etc. When you have 15 sessions with the same tags duplication would be helpful. Not a need more of a want
  2. Hi Everyone, I read most of the pages of this thread and did not see mention of the issue I am having with the windows 5 product. I use evernote with GTD and used to be able to select a notebook (inbox) and then a tag (!!Today) and get those notes. I might be doing something stupid, but I can't select a notebook and a tag for within that notebook. What am I missing? Thanks, Dean
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