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  1. Selecting the pencil icon at the right of the attachment box does not work for me. When I attempt to open a pdf attachment by selecting the pencil I get the message "No application found to open this attachment". If I try the same method to open a doc attachment, I get an "Install OfficeSuite" page. Using the paperclip icon to attempt to open a doc attachment gives me an "unsupported file" message, even though this worked fine before the latest update.
  2. Same here with the pdf files. I can no longer zoom in when I open an attached pdf file from within the Evernote android app. The latest upgrade seems to have eliminated the ability to launch other apps in order open certain attachments.
  3. Hello, I have recently been unable to open certain attachments within my Android Evernote app. For example, .doc files which used to open just fine within the app no longer open. When attempting to open a .doc file within the Evernote app a box pops up saying "Unsupported file". The same files will open just fine with Polaris Office, my phone's native doc app. I am using an HTC one, and the problem seems to have started after the latest Evernote app update. I have uninstalled the Evernote app and reinstalled with no difference. Does anyone else have a similar issue? Any suggestions? Thanks
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