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  1. I am having problems with Evernote (10.8.2) on my iPhone. Activating the program, I get the Home screen with options to begin working, but then in 1 second it quickly goes to the animated "Introducing Home: Your most important information at your fingertips" screen after which I am then unable to work or access anything in my account since I am stuck in the aforementioned animated screen display. Swiping up/down, left/right, hitting the animation, does not resolve the issue. The only way for me to actually work in Evernote is to shut down the program, start it again and as soon as the regular home screen comes up very quickly hit the "New Note" button. The "Introducing Home" screen comes up a nano second later but then automatically swipes left to give me access to the program. How do I resolve this annoying, never-before-experienced bug? Thanks, Jonathan
  2. Wahooo and Booyah! Thanks Johnny. Problem solved. Now... to retract my request for support about the problem.
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