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  1. It is not possible to search in the Mac desktop app or the web interface. Fresh update version today, February 1, 2021 10.8.4-mac-ddl-public (2349) Editor: v118.1.15148 Servicio: v1.28.1
  2. Hi all, This is no new 'feature'. I remember well the same failure. When I copy from Evernote Mac 7.8 to Terminal: is terryfic! Please, can anyone push a HotFix? Thank you.
  3. Congrats!! This version going back my notes in tables. I only upated the app (from Mac App Store) and work so fine... again! Thanks for you support and effort. David
  4. Hi again. Dear Johnathan. I attach my screenshots from my Mac (OS X 10.12.3) and Evernote Mac client 6.11. The first: is blank (pic1.png). The second: the tables are collapsed and border 1px (pic2.png). Thanks for your support.
  5. Sorry Johnatahn, I attach 2 enex files. Both are copy&paste from gmail, an resume email from amazon. HTML Tables. One of them, the tables are 'broken' and the other one don't display the note in Ev Mac client BlankNote_AmazonCopy.enex TablesBookAmazonCopy.enex
  6. I've updated Evernote Mac 6.11 via AppStore. I've the same issue: And other issue: any notes are blanks into client app. Notes with html tables... mmmm we need a new 'old' version David
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