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  1. Thanks, I was just hesitating to buy it, seems like I'd tried/purchased about 10 of these writing apps trying to find the one that fits my needs with Evernote. I wish they would just add handwriting inside Evernote and be done with it.
  2. Thanks for the reply, so do you need the paid version to allow the Evernote Jot Script to connect? I don't see that stylus as an option in the free version.
  3. Although I am pleased they are try to make improvements for me this last update will probably push me away for a while. Whatever was changed made it so that when I am writing fairly quickly that letters like M and N disappear after I write them and it takes like 3 times before they finally "stick" to the page. This makes it too time consuming and I will probably be in search of another app. Also not having a pen selection that can be turned transparent to go back through notes and highlight this is something that has been requested many times and never seems to make the cut either. Very disappointed with this. Please provide a fix even if it is just issuing the Old version as an update.
  4. I love Evernote and Penultimate, but there are times I'd really like a few more pen choices but for sure I'd like the ability to have a highlighter option to go back through notes and highlight certain things. I hate to compare products but Bamboo Paper has these features, it just doesnt integrate into Evernote as well so I am sticking with Penultimate even without these features. Any plans to add these? thanks
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