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  1. Same here. Tired of the constant issues. Looking into exporting to Apple Notes.
  2. Yes, same here, on two different MacOS computers, one with Big Sur and one with Catalina. I followed the 10.8.4 update instructions to the letter (deleting Library files, clean install). Funny thing is that this morning when I looked at the About dialog to confirm I had the right version, it was, you guessed it, blank. Exiting and re-starting the app works (for a while).
  3. I've seen the "all notes are blank" issue a few times with the new Evernote (10.4.3) under Big Sur. Exiting and re-starting Evernote has resolved it every time for me, but it's annoying.
  4. OMG, WHY did this change? This will drive me absolutely nuts, to have it different from the standard that's used in ALL other apps on my Mac. I CONSTANTLY use the "paste and match style" shortcut in Evernote, to the extent that it is very rare that I do NOT use it, and for some reason Evernote willy-nilly changed it to a non-standard key combination in this new version?? PLEASE PLEASE either change it back to the STANDARD or allow us to set that up in the Preferences! This would drive me crazy enough that I'd seriously consider switching to Mac Notes. I have to believe this was a goof rather than an intentional change. UPDATE: I found a work-around. You can redefine Evernote's keyboard shortcut to match what it was previously. Open System Preferences, select Keyboard, then Shortcuts. Select App Shortcuts on the left, then hit the + sign to add a new one. Choose Evernote as the target Application, enter "Paste and Match Style" (exactly as written) and press the normal Shift-Option-Cmd-V keystroke. From that point on, that keystroke will do the right thing in Evernote.
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