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  1. It's not the first time already I needed to find something I deleted in the Trash. However there is no such option. Let us at least give such option using "notebook:Trash" advanced search.
  2. Need a search through deleted notes.
  3. Windows version of Evernote shows bodies of different notes than the ones they should. Problem reconstruction: Start with some example database of notes. Create couple of new notes Set "Created" field to the same value for all of them Put something in the titles and bodies Synchronize. Everything should be fine on the website now. Remove database file under Windows and recreate. Probably randomly, some of those newly created notes will show bodies of different notes in Note List view. When clicked, correct body shows up in Note Panel.
  4. I agree that this search function behaviour is a limitation. And as a user, I would like it to be modified/corrected. As URL is a good example, I can give another one: danish language. In that language very often words are stitched together. For example: billån (bil + lån), which means loan for a car.
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