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  1. Hi Mrossk, you can find old versions of evernote at filehippo. Just look at the right sidebar of the filehippo evernote download page. Cheers, Thomas
  2. Due I deinstalled already the new version, I can't say for sure. But I think I disabled this feature (somehow) by closing the related notes panel. After that it kept closed. Maybe this works for you.
  3. I'm back on 4.6. I use the Secret Weapon GTD method. And I was not able to do following filter use case: 1) I have a filtered list view with notebook "actions pending", tag "2-next" 2) Now I want to change the filter to "actions pending", "3-soon". So I added "3-soon" to the filter (drag the tag from the left to the filter-bar above the list-view). Now I have no tasks, because the filter is as follows: "actions pending", "2-next", "3-soon" - and a task should not have two priority tags. 3) Next step would be, to de-select the tag "2-next". But this does not work.Clicking on the tag "2-next" has no effect, it resists and stays there. Obviously a bug. With these drawbacks of filtering tasks, I can't use EN 5. I would try to use it if there would be a keyboard shortcut for the filter bar (NOT the search field). But if changing the filter does not work properly, I will never be as effective with EN 5 as with EN 4. Cheers Thomas
  4. I have also a problem with this. It is not clear for me, why a CTRL-Click is not possible anymore, even when it is a common feature on the underlying operating system. I use this filter method a lot. The manual filtering on the filter bar on top of the listing is too slow to work effectively. Plus, i miss the favorite bar. I want to put the shortcuts from the left pane to a horizontal bar. This gives me a better overview and gives more room in the pane on the left for the tags. These are two major usability drawbacks for me.
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