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  1. Bump. I'm interested in something like this too - for issue tracking (like Jira) but for tiny projects with friends. We're already using Evernote, I just wish there was a little more structure for software development workflow. I've always seen Evernote as an API for CRUD-like cloud storage. Any front-end can be made to work with Evernote.
  2. TimeEdition is simple, free, and open-source. It's available for Mac, Windows and Linux. If anyone finds the time to contribute to TimeEdition and can add storing of time logs into Evernote, please let me know by posting here! Here's how I'd like to see it integrated: - Ideally, there would be a way to assign a timer to a link on a page. - The link would open TimeEdition to it's detailed view when additional data filtering can be done. - If the timer link on the page is clicked, the timer starts up again, recording a total time for each link added in EverNote! - Each link would be a new Task in TimeEdition TimeEdition http://www.timeedition.com/en/downloads/ BTW, I'm not affiliated with the project in anyway, but I do use it everyday.
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