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  1. Just heard back from Livescribe. They've confirmed it's a problem and are contacting Evernote. Message below. Regards, - Sean Jose C (Livescribe) Sep 06 10:31 (PDT) Hi Sean, Thank you for contacting us. I hereby to inform you that you are right, this is an issue with Evernote 5.0. We will proceed to communicate it to them to have a solution as soon as possible. Thank you. Jose Connor Livescribe Support
  2. Thanks for the all the replies (and for the confirmation that it's not just a configuration issue on my end). I've also sent a message to Livescribe's customer support in the hopes that they will contact the Evernote team and prod them for a fix. Having to launch the viewer on Livescribe.com is a major inconvenience when reviewing and tagging notes. The other workaround is to uninstall Evernote 5.0 and re-install 4.6.7, which I have done. Hopefully that version will remain active until Evernote fixes the problem in v5. Regards. - Sean
  3. Just to follow-up, I uninstalled version 5.0 and re-installed 4.6.7. Full-view Livescribe pages are again visible. It's definitely a 5.0 feature regression. Thanks.
  4. Hi there. I've just upgraded to Evernote for Windows 5 and am dealing with what I believe to be a fairly serious feature regression for Livescribe pen users. Earlier versions of Evernote displayed a full-page image of a synced Livescribe notebook page provided Everynote's "Note Panel" (and the Everynote app window) was sized sufficiently. With 5.0, it now seems only the top two-thirds of the Livescribe page image is shown even when there's sufficient screen real estate to show the entire LiveScribe page. In order see the full page one must now click on the page image which then launches the browser and loads the full page from Livescribe.com This extra-step dramatically limits the efficiency of reviewing and tagging synced Livescribe pages. Is there a way to view the full Livescribe notebook page within the Evernote 5.0 app? I'm hoping it's just a configuration setting I'm missing. Many thanks. - Sean p.s. if the above is not clear, I can share screenshots attached.
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