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  1. I inserted an image into a Note. I then annotated that image. I can see the image with the annotations in the preview column. I cannot see the image in the column on the right if I click on it OR if I open the Note into a new window. This is on the Windows version of EN. Same thing happens on the web version. Just searched for a word that appears in my annotation (but not the note or image) and the search returned the Note as having that word found within it. This has happened to be 2x this week. I have an update to install. Will try that now.
  2. GENIUS, I was saving to Dropbox anyway but then creating a new note and attaching. Now its all done in less effort, all I have to do is tag new note. THANKYOU, you just restored my faith in EN. That import folder sync thingy is so useful, but not widely known about? Worked for me. Set up a LOAD folder for each of my Notebooks so I don't have to bother changing the Notebook designation. Q - I assume it is OK to delete things from teh LOAD folder periodically to save space b/c it is already in Evernote, right?
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