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  1. Short and sweet, the new web UI SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS. I'm aghast, devastated, disappointed (and that's a major understatement). Someone noted the new UI might be good for those who dabble in Evernote but that it's not very good for power users--exactly right! Another person commented there's a lot of unused or dead space, something to that effect, without much information present on the page. Yup. There's no context--notes just float in space and take up way too much space. I need to see my notebooks, shortcuts, notes, everything in one view. I love the current UI. Is Evernote changing it just for the sake of change? Were people complaining? I'll seriously have to reevaluate my use of Evernote if they force this new web UI on us. And if they roll this same terrible design to the desktop, I'm gone. I don't know what I'll replace it with but I'll find a way. Google drive, Pocket, lots of other options that maybe I'll need to mix and match but this is a piece of *****. At the very least, let us configure pages ourselves so I can set up a page like the current UI. You're about to blow it, Evernote.
  2. Thanks Gary. Unfortunately when I tried that all formatting (bullets, indentation, etc.) disappeared. What did work was right-clicking a snippet and selecting print. That preserved the formatting. Still frustrated with the quality of the editor though.
  3. Thanks Jon-t. That does it...just what I needed! But I do wish they would restore the print button and fix the editor.
  4. I just had the same question this morning as I frantically attempted to print notes for my weekly meeting with my boss. Just back from vacation and finding some things have changed in Evernote. Really had issues trying to create bullets and numbered lists in the new editor. It's not intuitive nor does it work like bullets in Word, and I don't recall having these problems before. Is it just me or has something changed with this as well? And forget about trying to resize a block of text with different levels (bulleted or numbered list)--some resizes, some doesn't. I don't like what I'm seeing and I'm very bummed, because I've recently started trying to make Evernote my go to. And yes, sorry, sometimes I DO need to print things...
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