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  1. Can I have ability (through options) to show or hide the note previews when viewing folder contents etc.. With thousands of notes to navigate I often want to just have a list of the titles without the preview of the tags and first lines of the note.
  2. I use notebook for things that have as far as possible a 1:1 relationship to the notebook and tags where there can be a one to many or many to many relationship I have stacks for key areas of my work or home life that i use as a knowledge base ie Work sales Work service delivery Work processes Work people Home Me Friends Family Hobbies Personal development Finances I have sub notebooks for further categorising things I.e in hobbies I have music listening, playing music, computer, fishing I have two stacks for actions I.e work actions and personal actions Within these both have the following notebooks Pending to dos Regular to dos Elephant tasks. This contains things like lists of albums to buy, movies to watch, things to collect To buy I then use tags as contexts I.e a note can exist in one notebook but use multiple tags as contexts I group my tags into the following groups: 00 What – Critical Success Area e.g. Repeat of knowledge base folders so although it is in one folder it can relate to many 01 When e.g contains tags now next soon someday waiting 02 Priority e.g high medium low 03 Urgency e.g high medium low 04 Who – Responsible e.g contains tags for all the people doing stuff I'm interested in 05 Who – Audience e.g has people I work with and friends and family 06 How – Action Type e.g read, write present, visit etc. 07 Where e.g locations, rooms etc. 20 Effort Level. E.g quick win, high medium and low 21 Cost Level e.g I setup $ranges 22 Waiting On 23 Target Month 30 PM Discipline 31 ITIL Area 32 Org Area Now a note can for example exist in sales and be tagged with multiple what where and who type tags Notes in the action notebooks always tagged with who what when where how type tags and when completed moved to the appropriate knowledge base folder. I also have a few odd notes books such as things which I use as an inventory
  3. For gtd users I also posted this Sort order for Evernote is different on each platform see QA forum http://www.thesecretweapon.org/forums/topic/sorting-tags-again/#post-1816
  4. I use a lot of tags on groups for categorising and prefix tags with special characters as recommended by most of the GTD books and Evernote books. Problem is the sort order on windows is different to IOS which are both different to the ASCII standards. Ie. for the chars I use: ASCII: !#$%&()*+./numbers:<=>?@uppercases [\]^_lowercases{}~ Evernote Windows: !#$%&()*./:?@[\]^_{}~+<=>numbers lowercases uppercases Evernote IOS: _:!?.()[]{}@*/\%^+<=>~$numbers lowercases uppercases 1. Evernote please be consistent in your design 2. Book writers please test your theories before writing them and causing mugs like me to spend h Ours undoing their work 3. Other beware when reading books or assuming products will work consistently across platforms. Missing features on different platforms but having them work differently is just confusing
  5. would like to have ability to mark text in message as bookmark and create a link to that bookmark. i.e. to navigate large notes rather than having lots of small ones
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