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  1. I've been recently trying to figure out a way to seemlessly scan business cards using my Evernote account (which doubles for personal and work-related notes, but business cards are almost always work-related), and transfer that contact information into my work Outlook address book. Probably the simplest way to do this is to sync my phone address book to Outlook, have this address book as my default address book (where new contacts are stored), and saving business card contact info would go straight to Outlook. However, I'd rather not change my default address book from Gmail and have every personal contact information on my company server. It would be great if when you hit "Save to Address Book" Evernote prompted you for which address book you wanted to do add the contact (or let you establish in-App global settings that changed the iPhone default setting. It would create a seemless way to upload business cards into different address books (in the same way that Evernote uses Notebooks).
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