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  1. You mention "7 daily backups", implying each of these backups is saved separately. Wouldn't I just overwrite the previous days backup with the present day's one?
  2. Are you referring to ENEX backups of each and every notebook or everything at once?
  3. Thanks to all who posted but frankly, I am lost. I think i'm just overwhelmed by the optionality listed above. Am I correct in assuming there is only one thing that needs to be backed up and thats the EXB file? Other than that, I can if I wanted to backup each and every notebook as ENEX files too (which would likely happen far less often as it would be more time consuming). Other than those two things (and how often one might backup each and/or how to manage the individual processes), is there anything else I am missing?
  4. The moment I add a new note though, I have to re-back up that whole folder again. Is there anywya to set this up automatically so that all notebooks are individually backed up say, on a weekly basis?
  5. Thanks. What does OCR stand for? Also, is there a default notebook that photos are saved in or can I "save them to" a certain area fater ive taken the picture?
  6. And do you find this emthod superior to the myriad of scanning apps that dont necessarily save into EN?
  7. I have become very reliant on my EN account. I am terrified of a random hack or some other issue that could destroy the data EN is storing for me. I know I can save/export a local .enex but what good is that if something happens to the company? Is there a way to locally save ALL of the data in my account, including the names of each note/notebook and how they are arranged? Im basically looking for the most comprehensive method for saving all my info.
  8. Id love to be able to color-code my notes and notebooks and generally just add some color and/or themes to my screen. Is this possible?
  9. Because Evernote prefers to have a single level with multiple labels (the GMail equivalent of tags), like GMail? More seriously, they de-emphasize notebooks in favor of tags, which are often more flexible than hierarchical structures. Why not have a "Personal" notebook, with a "Health" tag, and other tags for other categorizations of Health, for example, "Fitness" or "Medical" tags? I dont think I am following how using tags would make my life any simpler. I would like to be able to view a notebook stack and then individual notes within those notebooks. Is my "view" any different when I begin to utilize tags? I dont know why but I dont get the whole tags thing...if I want to find something, why wouldnt I either just search for it or simply find the notebook that I believe it to be in and look there? Would you happen to know of any videos that i cant watch that would help me better understand how this works?
  10. Ok, I think I have little more clarity now. That said, I am confused as to why I then cannot create any additional subfolders. Why would the developers of this product limit the user to just going a certain amount of levels deep? For example, I have a "personal" stack, and then a "health" notebook within it. Yes I can have multiple notes within that notebook but id like to have notes within notes or...go "one level deeper". Why not just have unlimited sub-folder capabilities like outlook?
  11. First off, thanks in advance for reading. So apparently I have been living under a rock. Only TODAY did I find out I can have as many sub-notes as I want, with infinite sub-levels, by using Tags, a opposed to Notebooks. Ok, so I am going to convert everything over to a Tag-system. Before I do that, i have some questions: 1) How do i get the right "pane-view" in tags to mimic the pane of notebooks? More specifically, when I click on a notebook, In the right window I get to see all the information pertaining to that Notebook, in columns. This includes listing all the "sub-notebooks" in the stack, the titles of individual notes, the dates they were created, etc. When I try to duplicate the system utilizing TAGS, I dont see anything in the right window, other than the tag names. 2) Similar to the above, when using notebooks and in the left column, if I click on a stack and it shows me all the sub-notebooks, there is a number next to each signifying how many notes are in each tag. It doesnt appear that i can get this using the TAG system either? 3) Again, along the same line of questions above, is there a way to bottom-reading-pane for individual tags, which you can see when viewing notes in a notebook? Granted I think I might be very confused here because im not sure I know how to add a note to a tag... Thank you for assisting this lost Evernote user! Much appreciated....
  12. I know how to open a new note but can't seem to figure out how to start a new notebook (and within an existing stack, if possible). Thanks in advance.
  13. I have found that whenever I have an unresolved issue with Evernote, I just uninstall and reinstall the app. For me, It is usually the phone client that is the source of the problem. If you do this with any unsync'd notes or changes, you may end up losing those new notes/changes. That's why I suggested to you above about emailing the unsync'd note(s) directly to your EN account. Ahh yes, and this too
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