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  1. Thanks. What does OCR stand for? Also, is there a default notebook that photos are saved in or can I "save them to" a certain area fater ive taken the picture?
  2. And do you find this emthod superior to the myriad of scanning apps that dont necessarily save into EN?
  3. Id love to be able to color-code my notes and notebooks and generally just add some color and/or themes to my screen. Is this possible?
  4. Because Evernote prefers to have a single level with multiple labels (the GMail equivalent of tags), like GMail? More seriously, they de-emphasize notebooks in favor of tags, which are often more flexible than hierarchical structures. Why not have a "Personal" notebook, with a "Health" tag, and other tags for other categorizations of Health, for example, "Fitness" or "Medical" tags? I dont think I am following how using tags would make my life any simpler. I would like to be able to view a notebook stack and then individual notes within those notebooks. Is my "view" any different when I begin to utilize tags? I dont know why but I dont get the whole tags thing...if I want to find something, why wouldnt I either just search for it or simply find the notebook that I believe it to be in and look there? Would you happen to know of any videos that i cant watch that would help me better understand how this works?
  5. Ok, I think I have little more clarity now. That said, I am confused as to why I then cannot create any additional subfolders. Why would the developers of this product limit the user to just going a certain amount of levels deep? For example, I have a "personal" stack, and then a "health" notebook within it. Yes I can have multiple notes within that notebook but id like to have notes within notes or...go "one level deeper". Why not just have unlimited sub-folder capabilities like outlook?
  6. First off, thanks in advance for reading. So apparently I have been living under a rock. Only TODAY did I find out I can have as many sub-notes as I want, with infinite sub-levels, by using Tags, a opposed to Notebooks. Ok, so I am going to convert everything over to a Tag-system. Before I do that, i have some questions: 1) How do i get the right "pane-view" in tags to mimic the pane of notebooks? More specifically, when I click on a notebook, In the right window I get to see all the information pertaining to that Notebook, in columns. This includes listing all the "sub-notebooks" in the stack, the titles of individual notes, the dates they were created, etc. When I try to duplicate the system utilizing TAGS, I dont see anything in the right window, other than the tag names. 2) Similar to the above, when using notebooks and in the left column, if I click on a stack and it shows me all the sub-notebooks, there is a number next to each signifying how many notes are in each tag. It doesnt appear that i can get this using the TAG system either? 3) Again, along the same line of questions above, is there a way to bottom-reading-pane for individual tags, which you can see when viewing notes in a notebook? Granted I think I might be very confused here because im not sure I know how to add a note to a tag... Thank you for assisting this lost Evernote user! Much appreciated....
  7. I know how to open a new note but can't seem to figure out how to start a new notebook (and within an existing stack, if possible). Thanks in advance.
  8. I have found that whenever I have an unresolved issue with Evernote, I just uninstall and reinstall the app. For me, It is usually the phone client that is the source of the problem. If you do this with any unsync'd notes or changes, you may end up losing those new notes/changes. That's why I suggested to you above about emailing the unsync'd note(s) directly to your EN account. Ahh yes, and this too
  9. I have found that whenever I have an unresolved issue with Evernote, I just uninstall and reinstall the app. For me, It is usually the phone client that is the source of the problem.
  10. Apologies; Android on my phone and Windows desktop. Do you mean forcing a sync on my phone or on the desktop? You would initiate a sync on whatever device is displaying that arrow. I have been initiating syncs all day on both my phone and my desktop. The blue circle remains.
  11. Apologies; Android on my phone and Windows desktop. Do you mean forcing a sync on my phone or on the desktop?
  12. It occasionally pops up in the corner of one of my notes, in the notes "list" view. I'm guessing it means that particular note is synchronizing/not synchronized. How do I remedy this?
  13. That doesnt happen for me.Also, you are insinuating that one must leave a note in order for it to sync. I am set up for auto and cannot figure out how to sync my notes, while still in the note I just edited... You use the menu Sync command. Are you referring to the sync option in the pull-up list after you push the 3 little dots on the lower right hand corner of the screen? if so, this sync button does nothing. It will not initiate the "spinning circle" in the upper right hand part of the screen, which indicates the notes is syncing/has synced. Hi. I am often using my android phone when working in Evernote and I think you may be a bit confused about how Android works versus a Windows operating system. There are no spinning discs when on android when syncing a note, or a notebook, or your whole database. I am not a power user so manually sync every time I add or edit something in Evernote. If you have an open note, then tap the check mark symbol in the Upper Left corner of your screen. If you do not have a note that is actually open and are simply looking at your main database screen, then yes, tapping the three vertical dots in the Lower Right corner to bring up your Option Menu, then tap the Sync option, it IS syncing. The only confirmation you will get about when the sync is complete is pop-up text bar that will flash up on top of whatever screen/app your in by the time it finishes. In my experience, the sync is almost instant and the pop-up message confirming it flashes off so quickly that it's very easy to miss. This is something you can easily check yourself with these steps: 1) Add one or two new notes to your database, then 2) Sync the whole database by tapping the three vertical apps in the lower Right hand corner of your corner of your screen to bring up the Options Menu, tap Sync, then 3) Go to your computer, open Evernote, Manually sync the whole database and wait until the "disc" stops spinning to indicate the sync is complete, then check - the note(s) you just added via your android should now appear on BOTH your Andoid and your Computer. Remember that after you make any changes to your database - such as adding a new note or making changes to an existing one - from EITHER your Android OR Computer, BOTH locations must first be Synced to the Evernote Servers BEFORE the updated version will appear in BOTH locations. Well that was a bit windy even for me... Anyway, hope this helps! Wordsgood Thanks for your post WordsGood. There absolutely is a "spinning disc" on Android. If when in a Note you go back to the home page and then go back into a note, you will see the spinning disc in the upper right hand corner. In fact, as per you instructions, after I click the little check on the upper left hand corner, I get the spinning disc again. That said, I will try what youve said above...its possible I just havent been syncing BOTH systems on time/properly, hence one not reflecting what had been done in the other. Thanks! EDIT: so, I just did a quick test. If I edit a note on my android phone, sync it, then go to my desktop and sync that too, my desktop DOES reflect the changes I made on my phone. However, when I change something on my desktop, sync it, then go to my phone, swipe to the right out of the note I was in, push the little sync button on the bottom of the page AND push the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner and push sync there too...the changes are not reflected on my phone. This is what I dont understand. In order to get my phone to show the sync i have to close the note and go to the Evernote homepage and then re-opne the note. This initiates the spinning disc and then the changes are there. Granted I can do this but its 2 extra steps and I dont understand what the sync buttons are there for is they dont do anything. Thanks again.
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