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  1. Sad to say, I have not. You dot hat manually every night. Isnt that a bit time consuming? I have exported each Notebook one by one as ENEX files (to both an external HD and the cloud) but I think I need to find a way to have this done automatically, daily. I have heard good things about Backupery? It just boggles my mind that this note is gone without a trace...
  2. A very important note that I had in Shorcuts has up and vanished. when I say vanished, I mean its completely gone. Not in Trash, history, or anywhere else in my EN account. Thankfully I have a 4-5 day old version of this note on my laptop and I quickly cut the wifi on it and copy and pasted the note and stored it in a Word doc. I searched for specific words that are only in that note and nothing is coming up. How is this even possible? If I accidentally deleted it, it would show up on my Trash folder. I RARELY if ever delete my trash. I emailed EN Customer Service about it so it should get resolved but this scares the ***** outta me. Anyone have any ideas?
  3. Which "Notebook Info" are you referring to exactly? So I need to backup each and every Notebook, every week? Is there no faster/more efficient way of doing this?
  4. Ah ok-so i have to Export each notebook one by one? Whats the quickest way of doing this if I want to export all of my notes/notebooks? I just tried right clicking on the "Notebooks" header in the left column and it will allow me to export all of my 604 notes. Is this the optimal method of saving all of my notes?
  5. Just tried saving/exporting my ENEX file to a hardrive and its only got 1KB in it. That cant be right... Ive tried it a bunch of times in some other locations and i am getting the same result. I clicked on Options and everything is checked. What am I doing wrong here?
  6. My EN is freezing when I quickly move from one Notebook to another. A problem that I have never had before and that has coincidentally started right after the the most recent update. Anyone experiencing anything similar and/or have any advice/solutions?
  7. You mention "7 daily backups", implying each of these backups is saved separately. Wouldn't I just overwrite the previous days backup with the present day's one?
  8. Are you referring to ENEX backups of each and every notebook or everything at once?
  9. Thanks to all who posted but frankly, I am lost. I think i'm just overwhelmed by the optionality listed above. Am I correct in assuming there is only one thing that needs to be backed up and thats the EXB file? Other than that, I can if I wanted to backup each and every notebook as ENEX files too (which would likely happen far less often as it would be more time consuming). Other than those two things (and how often one might backup each and/or how to manage the individual processes), is there anything else I am missing?
  10. The moment I add a new note though, I have to re-back up that whole folder again. Is there anywya to set this up automatically so that all notebooks are individually backed up say, on a weekly basis?
  11. Thanks. What does OCR stand for? Also, is there a default notebook that photos are saved in or can I "save them to" a certain area fater ive taken the picture?
  12. And do you find this emthod superior to the myriad of scanning apps that dont necessarily save into EN?
  13. You can set this in the EN Mac Preferences. Found it. Thank you!
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