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  1. Thanks, Rick! Question: Reading through the Amazon reviews, I noticed that one user reported that the stylus grew less responsive/functional with regular use. Not sure how, but maybe you could comment on your own experience? And how thick is it for line drawing? I am in the market still. (Currently making do with the "vau Stylus Plus," a stylus plus pen that is probably close to your recommendation but hella cheaper and really just a finger replacement. Good quality for that though. Seems to be only available here in Europe though.)
  2. Thanks to all of you for the posts. I am in the market for one myself and found the advert for the Jaja pretty compelling: http://www.hex3.co/products/jaja (Nightstalker, this is an Australian product, so maybe you've heard of it and given it a test?) That said, after a search, it looks like there are a lot of you who are happy with the Hand stylus, which is significantly less expensive than the Jaja and doesn't requires batteries or bluetooth to function. But how much precision does it deliver? Is it fine for simple list making but horrible for pararaphs/lengthier texts?
  3. +1 I noticed that there is another thread on here for the Jot Touch, a Jaja competitor. Jot requires bluetooth; jaja does not; support for one should deliver support for the other. Definitely would love to see it. http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/30108-jot-touch-support/
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