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  1. Thanks a lot! It's one of the very few pdf apps I haven't tried before as they only have a paid version (and a trial which I just used). I guess I'll be buying this one then. And/Or try to convince others to include evernote support
  2. Forgive me the bump, but it's a huge issue for me for working with PDFs via Evernote productively. I'm sure some people here must have found an easy solution for it.
  3. I'm in the process of migrating from Dropbox to Evernote for reading, annotating and filing vast amounts of pdf documents. In Windows, this works fine: I open a note, select a pdf document, open it with an external programme, annotate/edit it, save it and it automatically replaces the original pdf file in the note. On Android, however, it is a different story. I only have to options there. First, to tap on the attached pdf file. Then I can read/edit it in one of several apps I have installed. However, to save it back to Evernote, I can only do so by creating a new note, ie ie I cannot replace the original pdf file with the updated one directly. That's what the pencil icon is for, right? With .doc etc. it works flawlessly using OfficeSuite Pro. But when tapping on the pencil next to the pdf file, I get the error message that there is no app to open the attachment with. Therefore, I wonder if Evernote's pencil action for pdf files is working with any app out there yet. And, no, there is no sense in using Skitch markups for me. I need traditional annotation and editing features which are easily sharable and don't mess up the pdf code. PS: I have tried the current beta - and it makes the situation worse. While the pdf preview (and Skitch annotation) inside Evernote is a great and missing feature, I have found no way to open the pdf file with an external app anymore. tl;dr: On Android, how to "professionally" edit pdf documents and directly replace/append them in a note like it is possible for e.g. docs?
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