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  1. Thanks for responding. Yes indeed, I'd be able to scan when the full list is shown. What I'd really like to do though is save a search which achieves a 'clipped' view of such notes so I can store in shortcuts and is therefore very quick/easy to view on a mobile device. I;m sure its simply a case of my inexperience with the syntax that my attempt at the search isn't working. I think I need to be writing something along the lines of 'created since today but not more than 7 days ahead'....I'm just not sure my attempt (created:day+7 -created+8) is the right way to go about it. I get close with created:day+7......but then all future items are shown. Thanks again for your response. Any ideas anyone? Best, John
  2. Hello, I'd like to use saved searches to generate a tickler file. Ideally I'd like to see notes where i have specified a date (using the created field) when it is today or within the next x days. Examples: 'Tickler:Today' ...............gives those notes with created date today. 'Tickler: Next 7 days' ......gives notes with created date either today or in next 7 days. I know I can always scan the created date column but the above would be quicker and easier and allow me to list the search in 'shortcuts' for easy viewing on mobile devices. I have tried..... 'created:day+7'. It does bring forward some qualifying notes.....but it shows all notes with future dates not just those for next 7 days. Anyone know how to do this? Regards John
  3. Dear Evernote, I've been using Evernote for about 1 year now and it gets better ad better. Lately I've standardised on Evernote for task management too. The recent addition of shortcuts is great as it allows you to save GTD type priority lists so they are instantly accessible. One thing I notice which would help Evernote overcome a weakness vs other apps is that when adding timing related tags...they are not mutually exclusive. If you time related tags could only be one status or a other, it would avoid the need to go and remove the previous tag. For example if i have something tagged '3-Someday' and want to upgrade it to '1-Now' i also have to ensure I remove the first tag. (This would be unnecessary if when changing a time-related tag, the application would only allow a note to have one status or the other). This would make screen views cleaner and saved searches easier/clearer too. This would reduce the admin for changing a tasks priority and really help Evernote be a great task manager as well as note taking app. Regards John
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