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  1. Thanks. I agree, zooming would make a huge difference. Sketch is fine for the odd jot and the other apps fill the gap for extended note taking. I use Evernote a lot and have since 2008. I like the new versions a lot and look forward to the improvements.
  2. Apologies for the brevity of my post. I have used Penultimate, Goodnotes, Nebo and many others over the years and now use Noteshelf as it syncs to Evernote so that the read-only Evernote copy keeps up with changes in the Noteshelf original and allows quick and easy read-only access, filing and tagging within Evernote. It would just be easier if Evernote offered the same editing functions, with stationery and PDF import, itself. It cannot even distinguish between a finger and the Apple Pencil when sketching. Noteshelf is brilliant and any Evernote user taking handwritten notes should use it rather than any of the alternatives. Much more frustratingly, my other major use of Apple Pencil is annotating PDF’s with script and highlights, normally using PDF Expert. Evernote is hopeless for PDF annotation on IOS, particularly with no zoom or finger/palm rejection. On MacBook it is easy to annotate in PDF Expert with changes appearing instantly in the original Evernote note. On IOS the PDF has to be copied to PDF Expert then copied back into a new note in Evernote, needing filing and tagging after every reading/annotation session - completely impractical. I hope this explains my frustrations.
  3. Devonthink had tabs - but left them out with its new version last year. One of the big reasons I returned to Evernote early this year after a year away (started with EV in 2008). People complained, but it seemed they thought it was feature of the operating system and they had not realised the new version did not work the same way with the OS. However I will stick with the new Evernote because its too does so many things very well and on my 2017 3.5 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i7 is as fast as before; in fact some things, such as moving notes between notebooks is so much better. Maybe slow response for some people is down to bugs.
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