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  1. I keep on working on my little up. New Version 1.13 is out there with following new features and bug fixes:

    new features:

    • you can now specify the notebook in evernote for storing your journal.
    • finally: You can delete a journal note in the detail view for a day. click on the trash can icon in the day view of your journal.
    • explicit save button to save your changes in the day view.
    • send icon (paper plane) added to the keyboard accessory toolbar. Now you can easily send your journal entry even on big iPhones.
    • on your Apple Watch your dictated entry will be automatically saved on your iPhone. This is a much easier handling on the watch. But you can abort the saving process.

    bug fixes:

    • The camera icon works now accordingly.
    • If you enter a longer text, the text content window wasn't scrolled.
    • corrected ui layout keyboard with iPhone X(sR).
    • a bug was fixed that hinders you from editing journal entries with several photos.
    • the state of the save button for a new journal entry will now shown correctly
    • fixes to the different new apple watch screen sizes.
    • fixed several layout problems when displaying the motivation question card stack.
    • fixed problem, when you answered a motivation card question and the image remain


    Link to YourDay in the App Store


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  2. Thank you. I obviously  not a native speaker. I was a fan from DayOne a long time ago. But it bugged me, that my Diary was in proprietary format and I wasn't able to keep my journal on the different platforms I use. Evernote allowed me to keep and enhance my journal on Windows, on my phone (at that time it was a BB10 phone) and on my Mac. In the meantime, DayOne has been transformed to a cloud service and most of my old gripes are gone.

    But for those (few) people, who do there main business in Evernote, the YourDay App is a valid and good choice.   

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  3. Hi, I was in the same situation a few years ago. I love DayOne but I wasn't very happy with the fact, that my journal wasn't kept in Evernote. So I have written an App with most of the functionality of DayOne to keep my journal in Evernote.

    It's called YourDay. Please try it out on the App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/yourday-journal/id1095128827?mt=8

    Website with  more information: http://www.improveyourday.com

    I know, this is not the same solution your are looking for but give it a try.


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  4. Short Update:

    @phils, thank you. I have updated the web page with the correct spelling.

    Any Evernote fan with an iOS device. You can join the beta for YourDay via the following link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd1fcahXn9GU5Vg3WmP6BcLcpj7gORml0agyqXcmWC2OYEG1A/viewform

    More Informations about the YourDay project are available here: http://improveyourday.com

    Thank you. 



  5. FINALLY, BETA TESTING IS STARTING .... (like the prophet stepping into the restaurant at the end of the universe).

    Ok, after years of snail pace coding, I have done it. There is a fully testable beta of YourDay on TestFlight. Please test YourDay, the journaling app for Evernote an  for iOS.  If you have an Apple Watch, you've got the best experience. In reality, I have done the work to create a log of my life directly from my wrist. 

    Please send a private message to me with your eMail address and I will send you an invitation.

    Thx, André

  6. Hi MichaelAH,

    Your described scenario should be very possible, but I haven't tested it so far. The idea of the app is,that you can make very easy a journal entry, like a tweet in Twitter or a messenger app. You enter or dictate your text and send it to your journal. Boom. 

    The entry consists of text, time, the location and a picture. the YourDay App searches the note with the date in the notebook for the year. The entry will be appended or inserted at the right time in the day. 

    Furthermore all journal notes will be  synchronized with your app so you can browse your journal even if you are offline. You can even edit your journal in the aftermath. 

    In Evernote your journal is build as a notebook stack for YourDay and a notebook for every year. 

    You can use all Evernote functions and you can edit and extend your journal as well. Changes will be synchronized and even conflicts will be merged. 

    I am writing this on my phone so there may be a lot of errors in the text. 


    Greetings André. 



  7. Hi,

    to be honest, there is no test version yet. I wanted to check out people with interest for testing.  I hope, I could make a test version in April. I would be very proud, if I you would participate in testing at this time. 

    Thank you,

    P.S: As a german person I first struggled a bit with your avatar name. Last year I played the game "Hearts of Iron III" and this vehicle was somewhat important there. :)

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