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  1. Sorry for the unclarity. Since I've never seen this before, and I concluded there was something hinky in the pasted material in the note, not with the program. But of course the final determination on that remains to be made.
  2. Thanks, s2sailor. I was just looking for that myself last night, and was glad when I found that hitting Tab in the last cell of a table would insert a new row. Kind of giving myself a dope-slap for not thinking of a right-click.
  3. Very interesting, tulpuleg. I wonder if it's just for Firefox, or maybe a Nexus thing. I checked Opera, Chrome, and CM Browser on my Samsung Note Edge, and none of them has it. Matt, any thoughts? Your animation also seemed to show a separate Evernote icon next to the Share... option.
  4. Those look like the same font, just different sizes. This might be a scaling/DPI issue. What version(s) of Windows are you using? Can you check the screen resolutions in Control Panel?
  5. I'm not an expert on this, but I can understand why Evernote wants an Internet connection, since it's based on the idea of syncing everything to its central servers. Any chance you can persuade someone at work to unblock evernote.com? Failing that, your best bet might be a pretty tedious one. At your home computer, export your notes to files on a flash drive; see this article for instructions to export individual notes or an entire notebook. The same article also tells how to import them on your work computer. At the end of the work day, you'd then have to export from the work computer to the flash drive, and come home and import on the home computer. If you only need to work on one notebook on any given day, it shouldn't be too bad; if you've got to work on four or five, it could get aggravating. Essentially, your flash drive becomes the "server" syncing Evernote on the two computers.
  6. Thanks, Matt, got it now. The Share option does work quite well.
  7. There's definitely something hinky in this material. I imported it successfully, and I find that, as you say, it does not respond properly to Delete and Backspace. Del moves the cursor right; Backspace doesn't do anything. Curiously, adding Ctrl to either of them does successfully delete a word; and selecting text and then using Del or Backspace also deletes successfully. So the problem is confirmed, but since Austin's on the case now I'll let him try to figure it out!
  8. I will keep that vote of confidence in mind as I write.
  9. Thanks, Matt. It's good to know what went wrong with the update, and to know that a simple logout and login will fix it if it happens again, rather than a (gulp) uninstall and reinstall. I know about the Share function on my phone, which works well. But tulpuleg also mentioned that "The android app also installs a clipper for your browser," and this makes me think there must be something else that I'm missing. Perhaps just confusion on my end.
  10. Thanks. Both perfectly reasonable, though I might prefer a little longer timeout than 15 seconds or whatever. I may just be thinking, e.g., thinking about whether my last sentence was total idiocy.
  11. Check out this recent thread. The "synchronization complete" message, as you've observed, is no longer a feature. I don't know if a registry edit would bring it back. Of course, the status of any note's synchronization is still indicated in the Note List: unsynced notes have a blue corner with an upward arrow in Snippet and Card View, and a dot in the Sync column in Top List and Side List view. If any of those are visible, then sync has not been done. But obviously that only helps if you've got an unsynced note visible in the Note List.
  12. Your post prompted me to explore these keyboard shortcuts, and I agree that consistency would be better. Tab works well going back and forth among Left Panel and Notes List, and indeed everywhere except the Note Editor, where obviously it must have its normal text-typing function. In which case, picking a shortcut not used in text editing and making it universal might make sense. I note that Ctrl+Tab functions exactly the same as Tab in moving among panes and fields--but in the Note Editor it (naturally) does nothing. Just simply giving it the focus-moving function in the editor that it has elsewhere might do the job.
  13. My question is what is meant by "as soon as you're done editing them"? Does EN check for a specific time with no new input? Or does it wait till I move from editing a note to another area of the program, or move to another note? In the former case, I can imagine mistakes getting synced, which is probably not a problem as long as one fixes them fairly quickly.
  14. OK, thanks. I don't see the clipper in any browser on my phone (I tried several), though I'm not sure what to look for. (I do know about the Web Clipper function on EN Windows.) Share works well, though.
  15. I also prefer to use keyboard shortcuts. Of course, when the focus is in the Note List, with the current note highlighted in blue, pressing the Del key will delete it. If the focus is in the Note Panel, editing the note itself, the Esc key will move to the Note List, where Del can be used. If the focus is in the left panel, with the list of notebooks, the Tab key will move to the Note List, where Del can be used. I hope this helps.
  16. A couple of questions for clarity, WeCanLearnAnything: Is this particular text the only one in which this problem occurs, or does it happen more generally while writing and editing? Also, what's the source of this text: did you type it directly into EN, or copy it from somewhere else? Conceivably it has some unexpected formatting that causes the problems. Also, WRT the exported .enex file, I created one and took a look at it. It's an XML file, I think, and can be edited in Notepad or any other text editor. You should be able to just remove the <author> ... </author> material near the end, or anything else that needs to be confidential. I tried that, and EN re-imported the note just fine.
  17. I just did the newly released update to Evernote for Windows 6.1.2. When I do a manual sync, no notification pops up. Aw. I kind of miss the little feller. But yeah, no need for a "disable" setting then.
  18. When did you first notice this? I've been using Evernote Android for a couple of years, and it has always pasted without formatting--which I find sometimes good, sometimes aggravating. BTW, it might be better to post this in the Android Help forum.
  19. Perhaps irrelevant, and only intended to report my own reasoning, not criticize anyone else's, but I used Evernote for free for a year or so, and I realized that it was working well for me and I was using it every day for serious work. At that point, it seemed only fair to me to go ahead and subscribe. $50/year is steep, and I'm not a fan of the subscription-software model. But EN is worth it, to me. It might be better if they had a "low-charge/low-function" and "high-charge/high function" version for people who don't or do need certain features. Basically, my thinking is that free stuff is great if there are people who can afford to give it away; stuff that's "free" because ads or my personal info are paying for it (:cough: Google :cough:) is not so great; so I'd rather pay for stuff I really use if that enables its creators to make a living and keep developing it. Besides, it's tax-deductible as a business expense .
  20. By "Android clipper," do you mean creating an EN note through the Share function? I've seen other references to "Android clipper," and I'm not sure what's meant if it's not that.
  21. The same is true on my Android phone. Also, when creating a new note by tapping the green +, a column of buttons appears. One of these should be Camera. Tapping that opens the Evernote camera to take a pic, and when you save that, it's placed into a new note. If Camera is not in your column of buttons, it can be configured: tap the menu button (3 stacked dots at top right; or 3 stacked lines at top left), tap Settings, tap Notes, then tap Customize + Button. You can specify 6 actions to appear when tapping the green +, and arrange them in the order you want.
  22. OK, I went ahead and tried uninstalling and reinstalling (as reported here, and only after someone else said that it worked!). And indeed I now no longer have S-pen direct input in the note text editor area; but I do have strikethrough, superscript, and subscript. And I do have all my notes intact.
  23. UPDATE: I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Evernote app on my phone. It fixed the other issues I was having; but it did in fact take away the highlighting of phone numbers. So, as Jon learned, this is a real problem.
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