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  1. 19 hours ago, JOrge Sanguino said:

    This problem is a very serious problem that should be under the attention of top Management. I just can imagine losing years of information saved in the cloud.

    It's not clear from this whether you're experiencing this yourself. If so, since you've got a Premium account, you should definitely contact Evernote support: https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new. They may be able to recover data.

  2. 20 minutes ago, Andrew Kolstee said:

    I am having the same issue and I only have a MacBook Air and an iPhone. I am now locked out except for the web browser version. I like to sometimes reference Evernote on my phone, which is usually once or twice per month. I guess this month I did this more than twice. I always unsync an iPhone but don't know what it is. Perhaps I'll just delete it from my iPhone and not use the iPhone app. I'll probably just take notes in Apple Notes and move them to Evernote on my laptop later.

    Please read through some of the suggestions above. The likelihood is that someone stole passwords from some some other site (not Evernote) and kept trying them till they found one that would work on Evernote. Best advice seems to be to change your password to something unique, and otherwise strengthen your security.

  3. 15 hours ago, alexeirrm said:

    I started using the web beta client today (Chrome on OSX); the first thing I needed to do was to create a new notebook inside an existing stack. I could not immediately find a way to create a new notebook. Eventually I found that if I went into my Notebooks listing, that contained the "create new notebook" button. 

    Why bury that action? It seems like that should be on the top level actions; the IOS client has a '+' right next to the Notebooks label, which is quite intuitive. Please make this a top level action vs buried action item.


    15 hours ago, DTLow said:

    So, you're requesting the New Notebook button be moved from the right side of the page

    Alexei didn't specify a new location, but for me it would make sense to have that button in the list of notebooks in the left panel, presumably at the top of the list. At any rate, I agree that its current location is too obscure.

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  4. Hi, and welcome to the forums. I think if you uncheck Activate multi-shot it will quit taking pics while you turn pages. There's a document setting actually on the camera screen itself, the icon at top right: if it shows a mountain/landscape, tap it to change to a document icon. That will cause it to frame a document to photograph (it's important to have a contrasting background behind the page). With one or more photos taken, you can tap the images at the bottom of the screen to preview them, and on the preview screen there is a Save As option, where one of the choices is Document. Hope this is some help!

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  5. Hi, and welcome to the forums. I love Color Note too, for some particular purposes. In the Evernote Android app, there are various specified sort options for notes and notebooks, but not the option to just sort in a user-created way. Since sort by title is one option, some users create titles that will in effect sort as they wish the notes to be. In the Evernote Windows desktop program, notebooks can be color coded, but unfortunately that does not sync to other other instances of Evernote (even other Windows devices). Hopefully some of this may change as they work on improving the user interfaces, but no promises have been made.

  6. 6 hours ago, jefito said:
    6 hours ago, Lewis-H said:

    Select "Options" in the ribbon toolbar, then click "Show Bcc" in the Fields section. The Bcc field appears under the Cc field and to the right of the "Send" button. Type the email addresses of your intended recipients in the Bcc field. Enter a subject, type the body of your message and click "Send."

    Does this have anything to do with Evernote?

    This so-called @Lewis-H has been answering posts, some of them quite old, since joining on January 1, sometimes sensibly but redundantly, sometimes nonsensically, like this. In another thread, you asked whether he was a bot. I begin to suspect so. Or just somebody who wants to be helpful but doesn't really understand the subject matter.

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  7. On 2/17/2020 at 5:39 AM, noneoftheabove said:

    When clicking a link to an external website, I don't need to see a warning that I'm about to leave EN. It's silly.

    This. It may have made some security sense at one time (maybe), but since in the Web beta you click first on the text with a link, then on the link, I don't think you need to be asked a 3rd time if you really want to do this.

  8. This has been happening for awhile now, due to passwords being stolen from somewhere else (not from Evernote) and being tested till the crooks find one that works on an Evernote account. The solution I've seen is to change your Evernote password to something strong and not in use elsewhere. That should keep the crooks from logging their bogus iPhone into your account. @Shane D., have I got that right?

  9. 4 hours ago, EdH said:

    So it works sometimes. It doesn't work all of the time on complex HTML pages, but the more pure text with HTML links vs lots of CSS and other HTML garbage, the more likely it is to work. In its simplest form, create a Table of Contents note, then do the above steps in Windows and all links will go away.

    Thanks for following up. Worth a look, next time my life opens up a space. :)

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