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  1. I will avoid the sarcasm that rushes to mind, and simply try to speak directly. Andreas, this is your usual unfriendly and unhelpful contribution here. What would happen if someone would flag your post as a violation of the forum's terms of conduct, which it certainly is? Would you flame them as well? The search issue is certainly a terrible problem. For myself, I've been updating EN Android regularly and not encountering any problems. But I'm trying to avoid this one until they get it fixed. I don't know why they haven't fixed it yet; I too think it is getting ridiculous; and I too am disappointed that no Evernote staff have commented on the various threads that exist about the problem. But while vile language and shouting tirades can get someone elected president of the country I live in, I don't think it works yet for getting software fixed.
  2. Extrapolating slightly from this: part of the advantage Evernote's competitors have is precisely that Evernote already has so many users who are used to using it in a specific way, which can tend to make a business cautious about trying to get those users to do something different. (Search the forums for "WTF, where did my X go?") The competitors, starting from scratch, don't have anyone to disappoint or annoy, so they can start with when EN has developed and freely experiment from there. This is not a defense of everything EN has ever done or failed to do, just an observation about why competitors might seem to catch up or get ahead fast.
  3. Hi Kevin, and welcome to the forums. Just a note on terminology: rather than files and folders, in Evernote-speak it's notes and notebooks. (And unlike folders, there can't be an unlimited hierarchy of nested notebooks.) With that out of the way, do you perhaps not have the Note List enabled? Try pressing F11, or doing View > Note List to see if the full list appears.
  4. Whatever you select for those two settings become the defaults, for any default text in notes in any case. Check -- I meant the "factory defaults," i.e., what the program initially sets as defaults. Sorry for the confusion.
  5. Per the Tools > Options > Note settings, the note text font is set to Tahoma 10, and the note title font is set to Segoe UI 10. I don't believe I've ever changed either of these, so I assume they're the defaults.
  6. Interesting. Now that you mention it, I checked and I have deleted dates back to 1/1/2018. Weirdly, after that there are several notes created this year, and therefore deleted this year, but with no deleted date showing. Anyway, this stimulates me to do some Trash purging. If I deleted it over a year ago, odds are I'm never going to want it back.
  7. Hi, and welcome to the forums. I find the same behavior using the stock Messages app (Samsung). For me, the clipping does succeed, though sometimes it takes awhile. And it only saves the clipped Website, not the text I've typed into the message. However, I find that if, as soon as it starts to clip, I tap on the elephant and de-select "Clip full article," it then saves the typed text and the URL rather than clipping the Website.
  8. I agree! To some extent, the Best Answers/FAQs forum can help with this; but I enjoy (and save into Evernote!) notes on uses and ways to organize Evernote. Some day I plan to get enough time free to look through it all!
  9. Hi, and welcome to the forums. This is primarily a user-to-user place, and not an effective way of addressing Evernote staff directly (though they do at least look through the threads). That does sound like a good idea! The best move would probably be to go to the Windows Evernote feedback/suggestions forum and post it there.
  10. Yep. Like I said, please click the up arrow at the top of the page to support the request.
  11. Just to clarify, @required_username (heh, love it), emails are forwarded, not to an inbox, but to your default notebook; and they are not sent to the Windows app but to the main home of your notes, which is Evernote's servers. The Windows program then must sync with the servers (as it regularly does) to get the sent material onto your computer. You can create an Inbox notebook and make it the default, but then every other note created in the default notebook will be there. It's also possible (theoretically) to specify a notebook other than the default in the subject line of the email (see the instructions here), but I haven't been able to get that to work consistently.
  12. Hi Paul, and welcome to the forums. Be sure to add your support for this request by clicking the up arrow at the top of the page.
  13. I just tried putting my phone into airplane mode, and was able to go to the Android Evernote app and copy links to existing notes to the clipboard successfully. However, when I created a new note while in airplane mode, copying the link did not succeed. I didn't get an error message, but no link was copied to the clipboard. I presume this is because the link can only be created after the note has been synced to Evernote's servers, since it is during this process that its unique identifier is created. So I don't think this is likely to be changed. All you could do would be to create the notes while offline, and make yourself a reminder to create the links once you are back online and they have synced.
  14. Hi, and welcome to the forums. Where did you get that version? From evernote.com? If you go there (you may have to log out) and scroll to the bottom there's a Download App link that should download the latest working version of the program for Windows (v. 6.17.6).
  15. I just tested (under Windows 7--don't know if it will work in Win10!) using a shortcut I had created in the usual Windows way of right-clicking in the desktop (obviously it could be any folder), selecting New > Shortcut, pasting in an Evernote note link, and finishing the dialog. Then I dragged the desktop shortcut onto the Start button, and was able to pin it to the Start menu. The Evernote link itself was of the evernote:///view/... type created by holding Ctrl while clicking Note > Copy Internal Link.
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