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  1. @PinkElephant Thats great to hear, shocking that they didn't release it in the beginning for desktop.
  2. @cdbrauns There is no button, for some reason they never put one in. I'm using a legacy version permanently until they actually get around to this. Honestly it's a deal breaker for me to use the new version
  3. Thank you so much @gazumped. That works, I stick with legacy and hopefully they address the issues sooner than later
  4. Hey, I'm hoping someone can offer insight on my issues. I just updated to the new version of evernote and I no longer have a microphone button to record audio, I have done a ton of searching on the interface and also through the help session. It appears that is should be under one of the drop down menus in the toolbar ('more' or 'insert') yet it is not. I restarted my computer hoping that would fix the issue and nope, still no microphone button. I use it regularly and am very disappointed that it is nowhere to be found. I have attached a screenshot of my toolbar, Please help! Thanks in advance.
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