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  1. THANKS JEFF. As long as I know someone that has seen it, it's a future hope. I appreciate your thorough response! T
  2. This may sound trivial, but I don't care for the MAC interface for Evernote. The web interface looks much smoother and doesn't have the dark "folder listing". I think it's just a matter of it's hard for me to read the darker area. I realize that I can choose not to use the list, but I like the folder idea. Is there an area for Evernote Suggestions for future designs? Thanks all!
  3. I really want a .pdf or other form of printable learning solution for Evernote. I know there are "books" available at Amazon.com. I know there are readers that you can use to write little notes and highlight items. I'm 54 years old. I grew up with textbooks, not e-books. I want to begin to tear into Evernote and really get some ideas how to use it and how it works in a format that I can put into a binder and read, note, make circles, arrows, etc., on. Of course, no one wants to write .pdf's these days because the changes come quick and can be overwhelming. But I don't see any books being sold anymore that keep up with new topics, so what options do I have? Can anyone give me any? I know Evernote cannot control how items are sold on Amazon, so I know that Amazon can't give me an e-book I bought in .pdf format. And, after checking, I don't see any true way of peeling off a DRM so I can print out a book I purchased. So, with that said, any ideas of how I can find materials I can write on with pens, pencils, erasers and sticky arrows & tabs, etc.? Thanks to any and all that can come up with some ideas. Tk2nu
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