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  1. That was quick: XXX, "an Evernote Certified Consultant from Heidelberg/Germany and am part of the Evernote Expertise Network. Experts are experienced Evernote users who assist the Evernote Support Staff by helping to solve issues that fellow Evernote users experience while using Evernote. I am not affiliated with Evernote and have no access to your account nor your personal data and information. I am very sorry you are facing this issue, this is actually a known issue that the development team is aware of, and hopefully a fix will be released soon for that. I do not have an ETA for a fix date, as the development team is not sharing their development roadmap. I know this might not be the answer you hoped for but at least I hope that clarifies the issue. I am available for any further help needed." To which my response is: Thanks for the quick response, and your offer of help but I'll just have to wait until the bug is resolved. I would like to make a suggestion though: Wouldn't it help Evernote's customers/ clients if they announced things like this, quickly and clearly, as soon as it is discovered - I've been chatting with some very nice fellow suffers but it really doesn't make up the time I've had to invest in finding out why, if it was only me, is there a solution... It may be a little embarrassing, but I'm pretty sure their clients would appreciate the transparency
  2. Have managed to get a ticket opened: support ticket #2717244. had to go through the whole re-login, start new ticket.... but I've referenced this thread - I'll let you know if I hear anything
  3. Just updated - same problem. High sierra. Is there a ticket open on this?
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