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  1. Please help I accidentally deleted a tab with maybe another 50 sub-tabs. Which means there are around 500-600 notes that I need to re-tag, it's going to take forever! So as i recognized what I had done, I unplugged my internet to prevent it from syncing. The good news is that I checked my online account and in that version all the tabs are still there. My idea was to uninstall evernote on the PC, and then re-install it, in the hopes that it would download the old version of my database off the web. However I tried that, but when I re-installed evernote, it did not download anything. It already had all my notes there already, with the deleted tags still missing. So somehow uninstalling EN did'nt get rid on my local database. What do I do? so that I can get my online database to overwrite my local one?
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