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  1. Thank you both for your input. I did have "images" included because I used OneNote on a tablet and wrote on the notes. I also have gone back to the PC to cut and paste the notes into a word document ... then transferred them to a jump drive and back to the Mac. I am disappointed it will take me so long to do this. Lesson learned. I think I will go back to the PC in class for the time being and cut and paste (and transfer) one day at a time. Thank you again. K
  2. Hello, I am a teacher and recently exported all my class notes from OneNote to Evernote. However, when I tried to edit the notes today, I could not do so. There is a long flashing line down the left side of the screen, and if I try to copy and paste, it looks a lot like a pdf file. I am very new to Evernote and would welcome suggestions as to what i need to do to edit these notes. Thank you, Kristina
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