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  1. Hi Robejazz, my understanding is that free account holders cannot share notes or notebooks. Therefore you would set up / share a notebook with each student and set permissions accordingly. Pretty sure this is correct ... might need it confirmed. Richard
  2. Thanks for your reply Chris and the tip. Its not that I read anywhere that what I suggest isn't possible - its that there was debate re whether a premium user sharing with a free user enables the free user to create and edit notes. Anyway, all good. Regards, Richard
  3. Thanks Joostie, glad I am not alone in this. Just to give an update (given that what I have read suggests what I propose is not possible) I have tested this (used my Premium account to mimic the teacher, set up a folder for the 'test student' who has a free account and it all seems to work. The next stage is for the real teacher - who now has a paid account - to set up a folder for each student and we'll see how it works for a class. One small issue will be that on the school laptops the web clipper won't work as the permissions don't allow add ons. I say this is a small issue because the students will mainly use Evernote outside the classroom on their own devices so it won't be an issue. If they find articles on non-web-clipper-enabled computers they can save the URLs for later organisation into their portfolios. Happy to keep this post updated - mid to late Sept we will know more.
  4. Hi. I'm a tech-pedagogy support person to teachers. The school does not have an Evernote education account. A teacher wants her students to gather an online portfolio. I use EN extensively and know that potentially, EN is the perfect tool for her needs. I assume that if the teacher got a Premium Account, and created a folder for each of her 14 students, shared each with a student, then her students could create their individual portfolios, each shared with the teacher. The students would use a free account, the teacher a premium account. Is this the case? If we can do this, and it is a success, then there will no doubt be many other teachers wanting to do the same thing, and logically a case for a school account. If I have to, at this early, untried, point in time, ask for an official school EN account, or if students have to get a paid account I will be told to use One Note. Because the school PCs have One Note. So I am hoping my described set up will work. Please advise.
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