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  1. Hi, I'm using Web Clipper on a Chromebook and noticed that the source link being recorded by Evernote is wrong. For instance, if I attempt to capture page: http://www.analog.com/en/corporate/content/index.html The page is captured fine in Evernote, but the source link is recorded as: http://www.analog.com/en/content//fca.html Any suggestions?
  2. I'm feeling very discouraged. Evernote for Blackberry 10 but still no offline support for Chromebook. It would be really nice to know if this is being worked on. Tethering my Chromebook to my phone when there is no wifi to use Evernote is growing old. I'm moving further away from my Windows laptop and using my Chromebook even more. Can someone from Evernote please at least provide an update as to whether this is being worked on and when it might be available?
  3. Rather than a fixed color scheme, it would be nice if users could skin their own colors to evernote and allow users to create skins that can be downloaded.
  4. Hi All - It would be great if Evernote provided the ability to synchronize local data on the Chromebook. Chromebook supports local synchronization of data. I know there have been some other threads that touched upon this topic, but I have not yet seen an official thread requesting this functionality. My hope is that enough people will reply to this thread that maybe someone at Evernote will include this in their roadmap. Thanks everyone. BostonDan
  5. My chromebook is great with the exception of Evernote. It makes no sense to me why Evernote isn't offering this on the Chromebook given the growing popularity of the device. Other than making this post, I'm not sure how this can be prioritized with Evernote management.
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