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  1. Exactly. And if You for example start another project (stack) you can allways, when sharing a notebook, write a note and tell them in which stack that belong. Its a bit slower. but it works...
  2. Hi, I have a question / solution for this. I also need to share stacks BUT.... So I came up with this idea, but I need someone to confirm is it possible before i go with it. A have a team of three people. I have a stack named PROJECT, and i have Notebooks in it called: PLAN, FAQ and WORK. What if i share with my partners Notebooks PLAN, FAQ and WORK and ask them to make a stack called PROJECT in their Evernote. And if I need to make a new Notebook for that stack, I will make it, share it and write them a note to put it in the stack PROJECT. Would that work? thnx..
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