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  1. My question is similar. Rather than a tree structure of tags, is there a way to filter notes by more than one tag? I can add many tags to a note, but I cannot see how to filter notes by more than one tag. For example, I have a tag "book" another tag "hiking" another tag called "Europe" another "Canada." However, when I want to find all the notes I have on books about hiking in Europe I cannot filter with three tags. I have to go to all my notes tagged "book" and then scroll through them. Or "hiking' and scroll through them. Or "Europe" and scrol through them. Tree heirarchy is not very effective because I also have books about cathedrals in Europe: two of three tags the same! So, a filter that allowed the user to filter by intersecting tags would be beneficial. In a classic search box, I would write "book AND Europe AND hiking." Can anyone advise how to do this with Evernote tags?
  2. Same question. It is no longer possible to add tags to notes in Evernote Web (at least in Chrome) because there is no "new tag" or "click to add tag" at the top of the note. I think this happened with the new web version very recently. I cannot understand why Evernote would remove the ability to tag notes. That is really the whole point of Evernote! Without the ability to tag notes, it is just a jumble. Can anyone recommend a workaround? (I attach a screengrab of my newest note.)
  3. I cannot even log in anymore! (Into the discussions yes, but not the notes.)
  4. I use the free version so don't feel entitled to the "outrage" the paying customers are expressing. I am using web version on Chrome and it opens up okay initially but when I scroll through notes they disappear. They are still there, but invisible. If I reload it goes back to the good original page but when I scroll the notes disappear again.
  5. I reverted to previous version because I could not figure out how to eliminate obsolete tags in beta. (I emphasize "eliminate" not "delete" because in some of the discussions on this board "delete" means just removing the tag from one note. I want the tag not to exist any more.) In the previous web version it was easy because clicking on the tag gave a drop down menu. Is there a way to do it in the beta? (Other than that I am getting used to beta. Keep it up!)
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