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  1. I wanted a faster way to tag, so wrote the following script. It allows quick tagging of notes using control and the number keys. For example pressing control and 1 will tag a note with 1.Now Steps:1. Install Auto key (more info @ http://lifehacker.com/316589/turn-any-action-into-a-keyboard-shortcut)2. Create a new script in Autokey3. Copy the following text in the script and save the autokey file: GroupAdd, EN_Windows, ahk_class ENMainFrameGroupAdd, EN_Windows, ahk_class ENSingleNoteView#IfWinActive, ahk_group EN_Windows^1::Send {F3}Send 1.NowSend {return}return^2::Send {F3}Send 2.NextSend {return}return^3::Send {F3}Send 3. SomedaySend {return}return^4::Send {F3}Send 4. WaitingSend {return}return^5::Send {F3}Send @computerSend {return}Return^6::Send {F3}Send @computerSend {return}Send {F3}Send 1.NowSend {return}return^0::Send {F3}Send 0.RockSend {return}Return 4. Double click on the autokey file (if it is running correctly it will appear as an icon in the task bar – if not it will tell you what line the error is on)5. Test the script – open Evernote and start a new note then press control 1 and the tag 1.Now will appear6. Click on start/all program and right click on Startup and select open7. Copy the script to the folder8. You can then edit the script and change my tags to your need (e.g. replace 1.Now or add a shortcut for control 7) Note:You can configure other hot keys in the script control is ^ Alt is ! and shift is +. (e.g you could configure a tag if you press control alt and 2 = ^!2):: tells the script to assign your command to this keyControl 6 assigns 2 tags
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