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  1. We'd request that you *not* do that. That's the sort of behavior that can lead to getting posts deleted, threads locked, etc., etc. As dlu says, the correct way to get support from Evernote is to open a support request. Sorry, I saw only support for premium users, which I am not, so I came to the only place I could readily see that was for non-premium users.
  2. I'm just going to keep requoting this until I get some sort of (helpful) response.
  3. This might have gotten lost at the bottom of a page:
  4. I haven't been able to use Evernote on my Windows 7 x64 desktop for a week or so now. It started with some sub-version of 5.0.1 - as soon as I open it, it crashes. I uninstalled it, and installed the latest version (, same problem. The error message isn't too helpful - the title bar says "Fatal error", and the text in the dialog just says that it's encountered a problem and needs to close. Anyone have any help on this?
  5. Ok, it turns out that after making the registry edit suggested at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unicode_input#Hexadecimal_code_input, if I then set the font in Evernote to one that has the requisite symbols, I can then hold Alt, hit the number-pad +, then type in the character's hex value (as given by Windows's character map), and that character will pop up in Evernote.
  6. Like I said, I discovered copying and pasting, but it would be nice to be a leader to do something a little quicker. Is it possible to type them in somehow?
  7. Characters for set notation and logical connectors, such as ∧ and ∀.
  8. No. I haven't had to use unicode in my life (I have done alt codes, if it's at all similar), so I didn't even know where to begin, and I couldn't find any information about it by searching. How do you do it? Edit: Ok, I've found out that I can copy and paste things from e.g. http://unicode-table.com/en/#2227, but is there not a way to type them in if I know the code, as I can with alt codes?
  9. Is it possible to use unicode characters in the Evernote Windows client?
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