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  1. And as a workaround, that's a lot of effort for a program that's supposed to make organization effortless. I tried setting up an IFTTT route. Trouble is, it can only return a URL and description, not the thumbnail (which would be easy. Same address every time but with the video ID, which they already fetch for the URL won't let you have it by itself) so I'm back at square 1 of the same stuff evernote can do. I'm a visual person. Unless I see a thumbnail I'm not going to remember the video. And when you consider the limitless advantages of organizing videos, yeah. It's a damn shame we can't do this.
  2. You're totally right. Software companies that listen to their customers and give them what they want are dumb. Do a search on this forum for the term youtube. Evernote web clipper is great if you just read articles but for those of us who use the powerful tool that is video... even slight expansion into this area would be greatly appreciated, unique to the market and, yes, easy to code. I'll shut up now so you can go back to chiding other customers for voicing their opinions.
  3. Seems a lot of folks want to be able to embed videos. I'd appreciate even some limited functionality. Web clipping doesn't even grab a thumbnail of the video... Ideally, we could embed youtube, vimeo, and other videos from around the net into notes with a few clicks. In my experience, requests from paying customers that are as easy as this to implement are gold to developers... I'm not sure why this one's still collecting dust.
  4. Thanks so much, this helps a ton! Can anyone confirm if this option exists in the Windows desktop version as well?
  5. I'm strongly considering getting Evernote Premium or Business for my team but I'm really hesitant based on what I've seen of the PowerPoint support. Don't get me wrong, it's great that you can search through Office files like PPT presentations, but in all the video and screenshots I've seen, it looks like these types of files still only function as attachments in Evernote. I need to be able to search and share a huge database of PPT slides (saved as individual files) and choose which ones to compile into presentations, and I've gotta do this task on a weekly basis. I can use the actual PPT application to compile them, no problem, but I need to be able to at lease preview these files from INSIDE Evernote, so I don't have to individually open each one to remember what it says. Please tell me this is currently possible in Evernote Premium or Business? That I can see the slides from inside Evernote and not have to open each file individually? If not, are there any plans to expand this functionality soon?
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