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  1. Hi - really struggling trying to get hold of support for the same reason. Auto renewal. Whole bunch of money taken from my credit card. Would really like my money back as I don't wish to continue with the premium service. Every attempt to click on the support link logs me out. Can someone please assist.
  2. I'm a long time Evernote user and by far the most useful functionality for sorting though thousands of notes across a number of work and personal notebooks is that of the saved search. The ability to craft a search to return exactly what you need and then to save it for later reuse. I can't for the life of me understand why this useful functionality has become relegated to living inside the search dialogue. Please can we have saved searches back in the left toolbar next to notebooks and tags. It really is the only thing I use now and it's become a pain to navigate.
  3. Just wanted to jump in and say thanks for all the hard work getting the Windows client up to speed with the others. I know you guys take a lot of flak in these forums. I really like what I'm seeing so far and the addition of the highlight and reminders is fantastic - I've been using Evernote since 2008 and have thousands of personal and business notes so it's the one tool that's absolutely indispensable to me. The refreshed interface is nice and clean and uncluttered which I personally like though others may prefer a couple of skinning options. I am a little worried that we're going to lose the left bar and the ability to easily navigate notebooks - I think the Mac interface has taken a little too much away from a power user. I'd like to see the tool retain some of the complexity that makes it so powerful - advanced search parameters for example. Also, it'd be great if we could have a split note at cursor option (to create 2 notes out of one) to complement the merge functionality. Thanks again. Stuart
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