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  1. Fully agree with this. Few other things I'm missing with the new UI: It seems I can't search in a note anymore? One way I use Evernote is as a reading list, and when I'm in the middle of an article and need to stop, I place the text /here as a bookmark for the point where I stopped reading. I now can't easily find this point anymore. I can't easily / quickly create a new note while in another note. I might do this when I'm reading something, get an idea or see a link (for which I then quickly create a new note in my inbox) and then continue with the previous note. I can't hid
  2. Just finally received a reply from iTunes and they now said they will issue a refund within the next few days. Given the experience of last week, I'd much rather prefer to pay directly to you instead of through iTunes. Can we therefore do the following: we let iTunes go ahead with their refund, and I will make a new payment through your website as soon as I receive your confirmation that this is ok? Best regards, Tim Metz
  3. Hi Heather, My ticket number is 125135, but it seems to have been resolved now. I'll make sure to do the next purchase directly through Evernote though Thanks, Tim
  4. Dear forum, Last Thursday, I've made a purchase within Evernote to upgrade to Premium. This transaction has been processed and paid with iTunes, but Evernote didn't recognised the purchase, as the email address connected to my Evernote account was different from my iTunes one. Based on recommendation of Evernote support, I've then changed my Evernote email address to match the one of iTunes, but still the purchase is not recognised by Evernote. I'm now stuck in the middle between Evernote and iTunes: Evernote support refers me to iTunes, while iTunes is not getting back to me and will most
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