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  1. Hi Sontervillain, Great post! Thank you for taking the time and for sharing your method. I really appreciate it. It's interesting, you've got it pretty much where I've been heading and now given me some great tips for the next iteration of organisation I can implement. It's also interesting that we have some similar interests and assets. Subaru, cooking, economy for starters! Thanks again. Best wishes
  2. I'm relatively new to Evernote and I love it. It is a major part of my future. I'm so excited by it that I've even managed to get my wife and son to love it too. Now, I'm looking for ideas for the optimal structure of my notebooks and notes, do you have any ideas or suggestions on this? I want to use Evernote for everything in my life. Broadly, this is divided into Work and Home. Fortuitously, this fits with my Mac calendar too! Then there's my Personal life which includes my personal interests over and above my Home life which includes domestic stuff and family. Add to the
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