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  1. I'm sorry.. I spent a lot of money on a computer and screen that can reproduce 16 million colors. If I wanted B/W I would go back to the 80's and by a Mac. This is horrific . it is WAY to much white. it is hard for my eyes to track what is what. This is bad even for flat designe. Heck, my 10 year old nephew with a copy of twitter bootstrap could come up with something better than this. Your 'designer' and I use that term sparingly, needs to get a refund from their university... I thought it was an error when I first turned it on after upgrading. I deleted it and installed again, thinking some files were missing... at the very least ... give us some options.. you even took away thumbnail views. what possable use is a card preview of forms and charts. I depend on being able to look at a glance to see what I want ,.. and not have to read past a un-formated text version of what your program in all it's glory has decided I might want to read. I will have to look for another program, if this is what I have to look at each day. Man, no one ever has their own mind when it comes to user interface desighn.. just jump on the newest bandwagon and then implement it with disregards to usage. You know what really makes me mad.. I just upgraded from free, ... boy am I a sucker.
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