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  1. Also, Jeff / jefito: I use a laptop, with a Windows interface, although save a lot of stuff to Evernote when I'm doing environmental scanning with my tablet.
  2. Wow, Jeff / jefito and DTLow — You're both tied for first place on the help-a-neighbor front! Jeff, I did what you said, and bookmarked that link, which takes me directly into my account. DTLow — I shrank the screen to 75 percent, and got this, below. But that means I've got to expand screen size again to view my files. How curious that the "normal" size provides a different image, without Log In. Thanks very much to you both. You've vastly improved my Evernote experience, and I'm grateful. Wishing you both well, Marcy.
  3. s2sailor cc: CalS DTLow Great idea. Here're two screen shots, as right as it can go. Below that, the hamburger icon is open. I don't see log in anywhere. Maybe I'm just a doofus?? 🤔
  4. Many thanks, DTLow! But I don't see a log-in on the top right corner, and have (I think) Windows open as wide as can be — in Chrome. As a writer, I'm conducting research all the time, but have started to use Drive more. What am I missing?
  5. Howdy! I've been an Evernote Premium user for several years, but feel *neglected*. Why? Because the sign in link is at the very bottom of Evernote's front page. I have to scroll down through all kinds of "Sign Up for Free" promotional messaging before I get to the very small box on the right hand side. I mean, really? What's up with that? You'd think that paying customers who stuck with Evernote would be treated with greater respect. Please put sign in at the TOP, so I don't have to waste my time. Also, it's almost impossible to find any feedback link. It's not in "Contact Us", which is the intuitive place to look. I did some digging before I discovered the "Forum". Might not a simple addition of "Feedback" be another way of acknowledging those of us who already are on board with Evernote? Where's the love? Thanks for following through!
  6. How to fix duplicates of notebooks in Evernote?

  7. Is it just me or are others having trouble submitting support tickets? I sign in as a Premium Subscriber, then go to Help, but get booted out again. Can't save clips due to popup stating "cannot clip note". So there are 2 problems: First, I can't save a note from the URL (which in this case is http://harvardmagazine.com/2013/09/harvard-past-president-endorses-online-education ) Second, I can't report the problem because I get booted out of "Help" after I've already signed in I use Chrome, and Windows 7. Not exactly what I signed up for... Do others have this problem? If so, please share your insights. Many thanks! MarcyM.
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