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  1. Thanks for that. ... what I hope for is that Evernote will do the work to make it one simple step. If you want a link to a specific note in a folder just drag (maybe with option down) the title of the note into the folder. That's all. Evernote.app does all the magic with filetypes. Maybe for some reason too much work or impossible.
  2. Here is what I would like to be able to do: 1. Put cursor on a single note. 2. Drag the note into any Finder folder. 3. Result is an item in the folder that is a link to the note. 4. When clicked a window is opened in Evernote showing the single note. Possibly the Option key would determine if a copy or a link is made in the folder. At Evernote 7.6 it is possible to drag a note into a folder. But, the result is not a simple link. It's something more complicated and a lot less useful (to me, anyway). ###
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