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  1. It's a great article and it trends into our direction as we have funded the first Evernote eLearning paltform with Eversteps University. Would be lucky to discuss how other students, teachers and universities might use paperless education with / within Evernote ..
  2. HI I know it's quite late to answer this but I became just recently familiar with your question... Find the images -> Long press on them to select multiple images -> right click to open the context menu -> finally choose "Sent to -> Evernote" Evernote will now include each picture in a new note ... have fun
  3. HI all @ Evernote I'm a German native actually writting a book of how to use Evernote 5 and also giving introductions about it to certain companies. As the German market is expected to be one of the fastest growing ones and as you only have one Ambassador already i Germany I would like to apply to become and Ambassador too. Please provide me a like where I can submit my application. Looking forward to your reply. Many thanks in advance ralph
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