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  1. I did as suggested and logged out then back in. Still not working
  2. not a single note processed ino ocr yet i can see the Penultimate notes in evernote notebook.seems like this feature does not work If your Penultimate notes are not in Evernote, then they will not be indexed. Do you have Penultimate linked to the same Evernote account you're looking at in Evernote? Best way to confirm this is to log out of both, then log back in, using the same login credentials. Then be sure you're syncing the Penultimate notes to Evernote. the pen u notes ARE in Evernote but no OCR has been performed since they are not findable in EN by keyword search
  3. I'm using an Ipad to test and also an Apple Mac PC, waiting half an hour so far but no OCR yielding searchable results
  4. I'm trying to use the penultimate OCR feature but no matter what I do creating a new pen note with clear writing, a search in En fails to find the keyword in the note. The note is in EN BUT NO OCR HAS BEEN CARRIED OUT . I'm assuming I don't have to enable OCR or anything like that? Das
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