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  1. I can't state how much I dislike most (if not all) of these auto-smart corrections. In my case, even a simple number was automatically turned into a link, and I don't even want to know what it links to... Anyway, here's how I removed it in the web tool: click the "..." button just to the right of the bold-italic-underline group. A submenu opens, including "link" and "unlink" buttons. Just click the "unlink" button.
  2. Hi all, I often write my notes in a plain-text editor (TextEdit, Notepad++, TextWrangler, MS Notepad...) before firing up Evernote and pasting the whole thing. I have 2 problems with keeping the format: 1) the whitespace is not preserved! That's bad across the board, but especially for the space I used for indentation... 2) I set my font to monospace, then as soon as I press enter or edit something inside evernote, the format reverts to the default font (I'm aware I can change that default font, although I haven't done it yet, but I'm talking about preservation of the font selected. I know some desktop text editors have this problem as well, but mostly at the end of the text, not in the middle like this...) So, due to these problems, after copy-pasting, and a bit of editing, I have to: select everything and re-apply the (monospace) fontmanually hunt for collapsed spacing and fix itif I edit something, again select-all and re-apply the font, etc...It's quite some trouble for a bit of plaintext...
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