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  1. We've been hit up by this issue across multiple users, across multiple notebooks over the last 36hrs. The same notebooks (shared and unshared) throw the "Sorry, we’re having some trouble loading Evernote Web. Try reloading the page." error... and upon reload will revert back to the default notebook. Running on latest Win 10 with Evernote v10.5.7 build 2171 public. Can confirm signing out, uninstalling, manually deleting all reference to Evernote and then re-installing etc etc does not fix the error. Zero change. Uhmmm... help... someone... anyone...?
  2. Oh I lept right into Nimbus, paid a year premium in advance (before the appsumo deal) with expectation and excitement that everything would be great. And it was. The Nimbus block editor is probably the best I've used anywhere And the web clipper options are pretty decent too (esp compared to notion) But as soon as I went past 300 notes (fun weekend that was...not) the syncing between web app, desktop app and iOS kept failing. And no matter how many full local db deletes/uninstalls/manual removes I did, it just would not sync and instead sit their spinning it's little sync logo for hours and hours until I would have to manually shut it down and try again. And once you go through a week of that, all trust is shattered in the product. Trust in a product is really hard to get back once it is lost. Even more so a product you have no real history with.
  3. Why isn't there any kind of response from evernote, anywhere? Or if there has been and I've missed it entirely I apologise in advanced. Even a simple ""hey, we hear you, we're moving in the right direction, please give us a bit more time to nail a few of these performance issues you've all been hitting up" would be awesome. The silence is alarming, the silence is nipping away at my confidence that this is all a thing that can be fixed.
  4. Is there any point reporting lag / slowness issues any more at this point in time? Its pretty much 5 - 10x an hour, every hour since the update ... and that is with leaving out the handful of extended downtimes.
  5. Exactly the same issue as @glenn59 IThe jittering is actually 2 - 3x faster than the ani-gif has captured below. And kinda making me feel motion sickness after a while 🤢 Starting and restarting doesn't fix it. This is from Windows 10 20H2 Build and Evernote Windows App v10.2.4 build 1949 and Service 1..21.2
  6. This note, a brand new note, is a pasted screen grab and bullet points of text. Nothing special or unusual. Nothing copied from the web. Except it is fully freaking out - pulsing at about 2-3 x speed that the animated gif captured. Starting and restarting doesn't fix it. This is from Windows 10 20H2 Build and Evernote Windows App v10.2.4 build 1949 and Service 1..21.2
  7. Well... glad its not just me I guess. Anyone know an ETA or any other insight? Confirming issue is with both the latest web app and windows desktop app ( v 10.2.4 build 1949 public )
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