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  1. It’s true, what the title says above – Evernote literally busted out the baby powder and gave me the ole “one-two.” And, I’m not ashamed to say that I liked it … or moreover the present tense – liking it! What’s sad is that it’s actually taken me a couple of years to actually figure out Evernote’s true potential, in a sense of what I could truly be using it for. You see, I’ve been nickle-and-diming my way through Evernote. I’d pop it open every once in a blue moon if I’d happened to remember and drop a note or two. Anytime a new app or webservice would come about, I’d give it a try just to see how it’d interact with Evernote … then I’d be on my way again. In a true, all-out irony, I didn’t have my “coming to Evernote” moment until a couple days ago. I was talking to one of my newer guys about storyboarding and scriptwriting when I suggested he take a look at Evernote. I explained to him the basics (at least the basics as I understood them then (all two days ago)), and told him that it might be a tool that would hang well from his toolbelt. After talking to him, and explaining some of the benefits of Evernote, that’s when it truly hit me – how could I be a good leader and mentor and make a recommendation on something that I barely had the basic concept of? Truth be told, I couldn’t. So like a crack fiend, I’ve started on an Evernote bender that’s still got no end in sight. Lynda.com Like a fist bump, Lynda can make you feel all good and tingly inside and is usually one of my first reference stops to get a general feel for an application or service. Her content for Evernote was a bit dated, but it did give me some new insights that I hadn’t thought of or even considered. Total course time was less than two hours, but worth it. ScreenCastsOnline.com Once I was done with Lynda, I headed over to check out my buddy Don McCallister, where he hosted a three-part series on Evernote 5, just this past January. It was here that I truly got the Evernote Bug. Don’s screencasts are always top-notch and he certianly didn’t hold anything back this time either. Evernote Forums It was about this time that I began perusing the Evernote forums, trying to obtain as much knowledge as possible while scrolling through post after post … I believe my internet-osmosis was in overdrive. I’ve picked up quite a few tips-and-tricks in these last few hours, not to mention some workflow ideas that have blown me away. Now I’m nowhere close to being an Evernote savant (unless it’s of the idiot variety), but I know more today than I did yesterday. And, I know a lot more now than I knew when I suggested Evernote to one of my employees. I am quite interested to see where this productive journey into Evernote will lead, and I’m also extremely interested in hearing how some of you use Evernote for the following: Social Business Team Task Management Profit & Loss, Expenses, Budget Any tips or insight is greatly appreciated. Now, back to the grind in an effort to flip the roles that the title of the post implied. Michael
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